About Us

About Us

Microlights Group

In 2002, Microlights Limited, a lighting company based in the West of England manufacturing luminaires and related components, expanded its presence into the Middle East by founding Microlights Dubai. Microlights Dubai then embarked on supplying lighting products, value add solutions and designs to retail and commercial projects across the Middle East and neighbouring countries.

Microlights has been dealing directly with end retailers and developing smart lighting solutions for major utilities and others for over 22 years, and is proud of the long standing relationships it has with many of its clients.

Since inception in the Middle East, Microlights has been providing:-

  • Concept lighting design from our customer’s briefs.
  • Detailed lighting design revisions and policing all lighting drawings for the client.
  • Coordinating rollout programmes throughout the region, ensuring accuracy of documentation.
  • Testing third party luminaires and their third party documentation.
  • Working with independent test houses for KUCAS and SASO certification.
  • Sourcing specific third party fixtures when required.
  • Holding local stock in our warehouse facility.
  • Visiting sites and providing installation advice if required.
  • Providing support and guidance to the local contractors.
  • Providing focusing/aiming of the lighting in store when merchandised, prior to opening.
  • Providing an after delivery service to clients on an as needed basis.

Microlights has always prided itself on the fact that it is not just an ordinary lighting supplier providing products to clients in the region, but a trading company that is prepared to go that “extra mile” providing “after care” and advisory services to all of its clients.

Although Microlights is already serving clients in the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar and beyond, the company’s strategy is to expand its existing markets, acquire new markets, and continue to build strong relationships with its client base.

With a strong reputation built on trust and integrity, Microlights is set to achieve its future expansion plans, and is looking forward to an even brighter future, contributing to the Middle East markets and continuing to be the lighting solutions provider of choice.