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As retail lighting specialists with over 30 years of customer global partnerships in schemes that provide the best lighting solution, design, service, reliability and value, we are pleased to reveal that Microlights is evolving to remain at the industry forefront.

Focused on the future, we have developed a new business strategy to deliver Value Beyond Illumination™, providing an even wider capability in terms of product, services and technology.

To support the next step in our journey, we felt it important to use appropriate branding that allows us, as a business, to continue to offer our existing and potential customers even greater value. Therefore, we are excited to announce that, as of April 2016, Microlights Ltd will be trading as Aurora. Customers will be contacted with further details and support but should you have any queries, please contact 01793 467 200 or email


  • The Reviews are In!

    Retail brands around the world have trusted Microlights for 30 years to stage their products to sell more with personalised retail lighting solutions.

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  • Duty Free Meets Maintenance Free

    World of Duty Free gets all the attention without the energy

    "The 50,000 hour lamp life of the Versa Flex 1 LED will significantly reduce our maintenance costs and will generate savings."
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  • Highlighting the Brand

    Calvin Klein’s messaging and brand identity get maximised

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  • First Flagship Store lit using only LED

    Orange leads the way and gets energy efficient whilst reducing ongoing maintenance

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Over 30 years, we’ve honed the Microlights process of Personalised Retail Solutions

From initial consultation to end result and aftercare, we cover every stage of production.

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  • NEW Tech Spec Mini Spot

    We’re proud to introduce EDDI, our new tech spec mini spot that takes all the great things about MOVI and puts them into a smaller luminaire. The EDDI range combines groundbreaking optical design and optimised passive cooling to create a compact fitting with a powerful output.

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  • The Best of Retail Lighting and LED Technology

    Tired of wasting energy? Reduce maintenance costs and take back your power. Highly adjustable, the MOVI range of retail lighting products is designed to be an ideal replacement for traditional light sources. Draw attention to every detail in your retail space with effective accent lighting. MOVI delivers less heat and has superior thermal management, thanks to an active cooling system. Find your MOVI retail spot.

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  • TUBI or ‘Not to Be’

    So, you change your mind a lot. Stress no more. The TUBI range of track lights is so flexible it suits the ever-changing store layout because it can be controlled within the space. Medium and narrow optics feature “Retail Hot Spot” reflectors for effective accent lighting. TUBI includes compact LED and ceramic metal halide semi-recessed and surface / track-mounted products in a variety of lumen packages and colour temperatures.

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  • It's So Easi

    Sometimes victory calls for a mini spotlight. Winning? Add a little retail sparkle to your lighting scheme. The Easi range comprises miniature elegant spotlights that are fully adjustable. Utilising miniaturised light sources in a choice of head sizes and body shapes, Easi allows for precise focusing.

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  • Always a Crowd Pleaser

    You want to create excitement for your brand but keep the workspace comfortable. The squinting stops here. The V1 LED steals the spotlight with unparalleled vertical lighting - without the glare. Even better, it’s available in a dimmable version, too. Save energy and reduce maintenance with the V1 LED’s 50,000 hours lifetime to L70.

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Browse a full range of retail lighting products. Take advantage of our multifunctional products and latest technologies to achieve your lighting goals. With the implementation of LED technology, you’re guaranteed an energy savings up to 50 percent or a significant reduction in the quantity of luminaires used.

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Our Kind of Special Effects

Explore retail lighting effects to find the perfect products for your next smash hit! Select from five different lighting effects to showcase your brand with the perfect output, and sell more with your Microlights personalised retail solutions.

  • Accent

  • Ambient

  • Asymmetric

  • Bisymmetric

  • Decorative

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Onstage and backstage areas

Our successful retail schemes follow theatrical principles for lighting retail

Discover your store lighting zones and stage your brand to be front and center. Illumination requirements of key retail lighting zones differ according to the activities that take place in each area.

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About Microlights

A British manufacturer building on 30 years' experience as retail lighting specialists, we focus on lighting to sell.

Microlights, part of the Aurora Group, understands how to tell a brand's story through light. Drawing inspiration by miniaturising stage lighting into retail environments, we provide customers a vibrant, entertaining shopping experience.

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